Here are just a few of the great things our customers are saying
about The Wealthy Tutor System:

“I just received my Ultimate tutoring package and I am extremely impressed with the amount of value you have provided me!  I honestly feel like I have received over $5,000 worth of value with the amount of material you have provided.  Thank you so much for keeping your system affordable.”
J. Johnson
Corona, CA

‘Your guidance has changed my life and my business to be what I have always hoped but could not see on my own at the time. I’m so thankful for God using someone like you to help guide me when I needed it most. I pray the highest blessings come to you and your family for what you've done for Miracle Math Learning Center . My program has grown so much and we are projected to be at capacity by the end of Spring!’
Deanna Hurn
Fairfiled, CA

"I just wanted you to know that the interviews went smoothly. What a difference between reading the Wealthy Tutor information and actually putting it to use! Every time we go a step further in developing our tutoring organization we recognize more and more what a great investment Wealthy Tutor is to us."
Cindy Jensen
Las Vegas, NV

"I would like to reiterate to you that buying your start up package is one of the best things that I have done. The books gave me all the information plus all the forms that I need to start my tutoring business. I did not have to do my own research and ask around for the forms that I would need. Everything is in the package for my use. Thank you so much.  May you continue to succeed in helping start up entrepreneurs like me."
Becky Potes
Fort Washington, MD

"You have really been wonderful, and I am so grateful I found your service! Thank you for always responding so quickly and giving such thoughtful advice."
Lynne Kilby,
Madison, WI

"I received my packet of information a few days ago, read the material and found it to be very informative.  I will tell you that I am totally satisfied with your product and will be ordering related material in the very near future! Thank you for providing me with this essential and inexpensive material.  I believe that everyone who is interested in a tutoring business--large or small--will benefit greatly from your product information."
V. R. Northcutt
Elk Grove, CA

"Hi Tony! I just would like to take the time and say thank you for all the material that I received from you. After reviewing and studying the Wealthy Tutor Elite System I can truly see there was a lot of thought and effort put into it, therefore, I truly believe this will be a good investment for me and all those involved (students, parents and tutors)."
Yours truly,
Shannon Rankins
Mobile, AL

“As a school management consultant, charter school educator and principal - elementary through high school - I rate the Wealthy Tutor A+ with 5 stars. The Business Startup Guide is superb - detailed with professional reproducible marketing, pricing, customer service, invoicing, billing and administration forms galore!  In addition to that, The Guide to Tutoring & Learning Strategies component is 100% right and exact. It has everything, including how to communicate with parents, monthly parent report forms, and student progress report forms. From A to Z this program is chock full of details and specifics for a profitable operation - from examples illustrating the forms properly filled out -  to Relaxation Techniques for those students (and tutors) who suffer from anxiety.”
 Saleem Shah
Alpharetta, GA

“As a teacher with many years experience in the classroom and in management, I decided I would like to offer help to students who were struggling in the regular classroom. I was new to the vocation of tutoring and began to look around for assistance in setting up. I searched bookstores and the internet and found many articles and programs. Although some of these were useful, none had the clarity and sense of purpose found in your “Wealthy Tutor” material. Thank you for enabling me to get started in a vocation in which I have long wanted to work.”
Peter Walker
New South Wales, Australia

“The comprehensive K-12 assessments I purchased through Wealthy Tutor have proven very useful in my work as a tutor and I have mentioned your program to many others in the business. Furthermore, I have always appreciated the kind and expedient manner in which you have conducted business.”
Jana Pan
Richfield, MN

“I have been enjoying my Wealthy Tutoring Professional System for the past several months. I have decided that I would like to upgrade my system to the Elite System and would like to know how I might go about doing that at this time. Please let me know what is necessary so that I will get the most out of my Wealthy Tutoring assessments.”
Gayle Connell
Hermosa Beach, CA

“Greetings from Boston! I am grateful for the wealth of helpful information in The Wealthy Tutor Business Startup Guide and Guide to Tutoring and Learning Strategies that you sent me. I live in Boston and am working on starting a tutoring business, focusing mainly on mathematics and writings. I am really new at this. I have two and a half years of experience as a substitute teacher.”
Bruce Cunningham
Boston, MA

"I received your Wealthy Tutor Book and CD with forms and practice assessments a week ago. I'm happy to say in less then a month in business and using your material I signed up two new students! Their parent was very impressed with my presentation and the material I used from the CD with my company name. Their parent liked the concept of her children becoming independent learners and the method I stated. I still have more studying to do in the book but I feel confident about most of the techniques (back-checking, avoiding lazy thinking, talking aloud, pen & paper...). I'm proud to say your material made me look very professional. Thank You!"
Melvin J, Math Tutor
Fredericksburg, VA

“Once again great program! My wife and mother are both educators and I bought the program to get them a head start in the business. They are very pleased with what you provided.”
Charles Stewart
Downey, CA