Our exclusive Twelve Learning Strategies were developed by Helen Gibson during her forty year career as a teacher and tutor for thousands of children across four continents. She has written extensively about teaching and learning strategies and is an undisputed expert on how to develop children and teenagers into successful, independent and confident learners. Here are just some of the valuable Learning Strategies you will find in The Wealthy Tutor’s Guide to Tutoring and Learning Strategies…

Helen Gibson’s Learning Strategies include…

  1. Talking Aloud
  2. Backchecking
  3. Pen and Paper
  4. Memory Pegs and Triggers
  5. Global vs. Microscopic Approaches to Problem Solving
  6. Transfer Skills
  7. Positive Self-Talk
  8. It’s OK to Be Wrong
  9. Avoiding Lazy Thinking
  10. Avoiding Rule-Dependency
  11. Seeing Your Teacher for Help
  12. Self-Questioning

    Plus much more...

These Learning Strategies are powerful tools that are easy to teach and will make you an effective tutor. They have been in use for over twenty years and have helped thousands of students to achieve academic success!

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