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Table Of Contents for Business Startup Guide: <<Back

  • Introduction
  • Our Story
  • Starting Your Own Tutoring Business
  • Identifying Your Market Niche
  • What Subjects are in Greatest Demand
  • Determining Your Pricing
  • Receiving Payments & Payment Methods
  • How to Receive Payments Online
  • Starting Up: Things You Will Need
  • Registering Your Business
  • Eight Ways to Market Your Services That Wont Cost You Anything
  • Traditional Methods of Advertising
  • How to Advertise Online
  • Marketing Your Business with Social Media’
  • What to Say When Customers Call
  • The Client Visit & Making the Sale
  • Ongoing Customer Management
  • Managing Your Expenses
  • Invoicing Your Customers
  • Growing Your Business
  • Ten Day Action Plan
  • Seven Secrets to Maximizing Revenue
  • Online Tutoring
  • Summer Tutoring Programs
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