Tutor Background Checks

Special Discount Pricing for Tutor Background Checks for Wealthy Tutor Customers:

Customers have been asking us for a long time if we can recommend a reputable company where they can do criminal background checks on their new tutors and other employees. After searching over a dozen such companies and assessing their services, prices and BBB ratings, I have chosen one company that stands out among the rest in terms of service quality and value.

That is why we have recently negotiated with an industry leader to provide you with significantly better pricing than you will pay for most other services. Although most other companies charge $20-$30 or more for similar national criminal background checks, we have negotiated a SPECIAL PRICE OF ONLY $13.95!! (Price applies only to U.S. searches - A one-time registration fee of $14.95 also applies).

Here is a description of what you get for only $13.95 per search!

With one search, you can comb more than 300 million criminal records from counties, Department of Corrections (DOC), Administration of the Court (AOC) and sex offender registries covering 49 states, Washington, DC., Puerto Rico and Guam. Also included are national and international terrorism sources, more than 3.1 million photos and our proprietary database of previously completed reports. This search provides the data you want, the quality you demand and the updates that ensure you get the best possible information.

This special pricing only applies to Wealthy Tutor customers who purchase one of our business start-up systems. After you purchase your system, you will be given a username and password to login below and register your company.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned Criminal Background Search service is provided by a third party that is not related in any way to Academy At Home Inc. Academy at Home Inc. is therefore not responsible for or liable in any way for any damages resulting from use of this service, either directly or indirectly.