Academy At Home was started in 2003 by myself, Tony Aitken and Helen Gibson initially as a tutoring company that sent university students to peoples homes to tutor them in various subjects from grades one through twelve. As our business rapidly grew, we soon realized we had discovered a huge underserved market for in-home tutoring. Parents, tired of having to drive their kids to expensive tutoring academies that never seemed to have enough tutors, quickly embraced the convenience and quality of in-home tutoring.

Eager to share our knowledge with the rest of the world, Helen and I packaged everything we had learned including all the processes, forms and other materials we had developed and began selling it on our Wealthy Tutor website to people who wanted to start up their own tutoring businesses. I was absolutely amazed at the response we got, and we sold over 200 systems in our first year! Click here for the full story.